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XTRAIL - Fleet Management Software Solution

Key Product Features
  • Vehicle Information Management
  • Pricing
  • Cost Analysis
  • Route Planning
  • Job Management
  • Customer Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Fuel Station Maintenance
  • Garage Maintenance
  • Tyre Maintenance

Xtrail is the flagship product from Xpert IT Group, for optimization of the mobile assets of fleet management companies. It is an integrated solution of robust, flexible and extensible software components, allowing cost effective pricing, project management, scheduling, and fuel station and garage maintenance by providing online interaction with a centralized application and data server.

XTrail – mobile services, using smart phones or GPRS enabled handheld devices, allows managers to increase fleet, vehicle and driver utilization.

The system reminds you of various upcoming situations, such as scheduled vehicle services, vehicle registration expiration and insurance renewals.

XTrail - MIS module, considers all the vehicle movements, fuel costs, driver salaries, support staff maintenance to analyze the historic and current productivity through a cutting edge business intelligence tool. It maximizes the productivity and analyses the transactions over the period so that the system can learn and suggest best decisions in costing and pricing in a progressive way.

Besides, thanks to GPS device integration capability, the vehicles can traced be through the whole route until it gets to the final client. Among all the obtained benefits there is optimal route planning, more efficient and productive field force, fleet administration and improvement in the client services.

What XTrail Serve?
  • XTrail is web enabled and ready to be deployed with minimum customization efforts
  • Easy access to your vehicle and trailer information that includes details of driver, registration, insurance, trailers, tyres etc
  • System treats your vehicle as a profit centre for accounting and allows viewing the profitability per vehicle. Costs incurred due to fuel, vehicle mileage, tyre wear & tear, repairs, services, compensation are tracked for each vehicle and assigned to appropriate expense accounts.
  • System alerts you when the vehicle is due for insurance and registration renewal along with regular maintenance service alerts.
  • If you have an in-house garage, the system helps you to manage garage inventory & operations.
  • System has a unique feature that enables you to design the tyre fitment for a vehicle on your desktop. You can evaluate the performance and life of the tyres either new or re-treaded and allows an informed decision making when choosing a particular brand of tyres.
  • If you own fuel tanks that are dedicated to your fleet, system enables you monitor all the receipts and issues of fuel for each tank and fuel pumps.
  • Pricing your customers will be more structured and under invoicing your customers can be avoided. Pricing rules can be predefined depending on the material that is transported, the type of vehicle and the route. The entire process can be made transparent to all your stake-holders.
  • Costing your fleet management operations can be tedious as it involves variable parameters like compensation, fuel, vehicle depreciation, insurance, registration, tyre wear & tear, services and repairs etc. Our system helps you to identify the cost/km and thereby lets you price your customers at competitive price.
  • You can avoid sensitive data to be visible to all the employees. This system will help you define the roles & responsibilities of your staff thereby control the data visibility in your organization.
  • You can avoid accounting systems that work as disconnected or standalone in your organization. Our system communicates with the in-built accounting software and seamlessly integrates your operations and accounting.
  • Finally a suite of detailed MIS reports and a dashboard are available in the system that gives you a comprehensive summary of all the operations of your organization.

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