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XSTACK - Warehouse Management Software Solution

Succeeding in the current competitive environment, warehouses must guarantee clients as well as suppliers satisfaction through cost effective, reliable and efficient warehouse management processes. Outdated software applications, poorly integrated systems and inaccurate inventory management can result in lack of stock visibility and control. This in turn prevents warehouse operators from improving warehouse profitability within and beyond the perimeters of a location or multiple locations.

XStack, an on-demand warehouse management solution, helps warehouse operators avoid these challenges that prohibit bottom-line savings. The XStack Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides complete visibility on the quantity, location, and status of inventory flowing in and out of a location. Designed for quick implementation and ease-of-use, the XStack WMS on-demand solution, improves employee productivity, reduces inventory costs, and increases customer satisfaction. By implementing XStack WMS, warehouse operators automate and manage their inventory warehouse process through one easy-to-use, centralized system.

  • Reduce your warehouse costs and improves your customer services by speeding up the order handling process
  • Streamlines your warehouse operations by providing transparent accurate inventory data
  • Enables you to optimize your warehouse layout and space utilization
  • Integration with Bar-code Scanner and Printer Devices
XStack includes advanced setup and functionality to optimize your warehouse efficiency
  • Orders Management allow to check space availability for a given period and to pre-book space.
  • Quality control audit and operation management such as Cross-Docking, Return Goods or Put-away.
  • Directed put-away and picking process allows fast handling and shipping of goods.
XStack give you the flexibility to design your warehouse layout to best suit your requirements
  • Specify your warehouse location on five levels : Warehouse, Aisle, Rack, Layer (Shelf) , and Bin.
  • Divide your warehouse into zones to accommodate different storage needs such as temperature, Heavy weight, Fragile, ...
XStack support various Barcode Scanner and printer devices to increase data accuracy and reduce manual operation.
  • Automatically print Received Goods Label, including storage location
  • Real Time information and operation validation.
  • Designed for both, Third Party and in House use
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible and Configurable
  • Platform independent
  • Realistically Priced

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