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XSITE - Property Management Software Solution

The Globalization phenomenon is playing significant role in growth of real-estate market across the globe. Property Management business is pacing towards the volatile Equities and FX markets. Xpert IT solutions real-estate product, XSITE evolved over a period of 14 years. Xpert IT, being the IT partner for number of real estate companies in the middle-east, has strengthened its domain expertise in this area. The new version of this product, XSITE is built with state-of-art Rich Internet Technology (RIA) promise to deliver the solution that is much closer to the market need.

Real Estate Agency Context and Flow
The Scope of this Application is illustrated below explaining the key focus areas for this solution.
Industry Business Process and Life Cycle
XSITE product suite is modular and can be used either in parts or as a fully customized solution to manage any of the business process given here.
Business Application systems will offer powerful tools to analyze and evaluate real estate portfolios and define investment strategies through accurate cost and revenue performance data. The application will improve the way of managing integrated property portfolios and provides complete cost visibility.
  • Property Data Management : Properties represent the building / apartment / house which we’ll be rented out by the Agency. This module is used to maintain a list of property details including address, the property owner's name, pictures...
  • Owner Data Management : The owner is the person / group of people who own the properties managed by the Agency. This module is used mainly by property managers who manage properties on behalf of a number of other property owners. Each owner contains details such as name, address, notes and the default management fee percent...
  • Monitor Activity performance via Reports : will contains several reports such as Profit and Loss, Tenant Statements, Owner Statements, and Balance Sheets ... Reports can be output to screen, printer, file or email.
  • Tenant data Management : There is no business without tenants. This is the person or group of people renting the properties and paying a rent. The tenant details will includes the tenancy start and end dates, current rent and frequency, inspection frequency, contact details and note...
  • Rent Management : The rent management will allow displaying property rental status using color coding to show their current status. For a given period the system can display the total paid and owing per rental period. The period could be a week or month or fortnight etc.
This module assists in managing prospects, tenants, responding to their maintenance requests and generating timely alerts for payments.

Agents/Brokers can be registered with the system and their business with the real estate agency can be tracked.

Complete finance and accounting package is part of the product offering.

  • Keep track of rent arrears to get on top of the problem before it gets out of hand
  • Record all your property transactions so you know exactly where the money is coming from and going to
  • Lease expiry notification keeps you one step ahead
  • Track property repairs from the initial problem report, through to completion and payment
  • Print reports and graphs to analyze your performance
  • Multi-user enabled to allow multiple networked computers to use the software all at the same time
  • Maintain an automatic property inspection schedule to help plan your day, week or month.
  • Keep a list of your property owners/clients.
  • Send disbursement payments to your clients (after taking out your management fee of course).
  • Track property repairs from the initial problem report, through to completion and payment
  • Send regular property summary reports to your owners to keep them up to date with their properties.

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