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Web 2.0 Ready

Xpert products that are web enabled adhere to Web2.0 standards that are currently a trend in World Wide Web technology and web design. Web2.0 typically includes some of the exciting features and technologies. It allows user to do more than just retrieve information. Rich Internet Application techniques such as Ajax improves the user experience in browser based applications. These technologies allow a web page to request an update for some part of its content and to alter that part in the browser without needing to refresh the whole page at the same time.

Xpert offers solutions based on Web 2.0 ajax technologies using the popular frameworks - .Net, JSF, and Flex. Customers who invest in ERP, SCM and CRM solutions would also like to build custom B2B and B2C portals. The portals give them global visibility and opportunity to trade with affiliates and partners. Xpert products, built on web 2.0 technology, form the basic building-blocks of the IT infrastructure of our customers in supply chain management business. Like typical ERP solutions, the scope of the product is limited to functions, internal to the organization. However, the products are extensible and can easily be integrated with world wide web. We offer services to our customers to build their B2B and B2C using web 2.0 technologies.

Offers Extended to Xpert Clients :

  • Analyse the potential areas for B2B integration
  • Identify the communication protocol. (EDI, biztalk, rosettanet or any industry specific protocols)
  • Development of web site. (For a B2C portal)

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