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Several technology vendors are competing in the area of providing rich content over web and desktop. Adobe’s Flex/AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime, previously code-named Apollo), Microsoft’s Silverlight and Sun’s Java FX are in the race. There is also multitude of Ajax frameworks promising rich user experience on the web. On the other hand, there are existing server based solutions that are matured over the years to develop the back-end services. A judicious selection of front-end and back-end technologies would result in a perfect marriage. A high performing and good looking products would evolve as a result.
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The industries Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Clearing and Housing agencies need to meet customer demands and a number of statutory requirements from the Govt agencies. Given the nature of the business, a number of participants are involved in transportation of goods from one country to another. Therefore there is a need to generate scores of documents that should satisfy the legal and statutory requirements laid down by the govt agencies, legal bodies, insurance agencies and IMO.
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Telecom industry is undoubtedly ahead of IT sector in terms of technology, performance, reliability and innovation. Telecom is providing communication and mobility to the business houses whereas IT sector is involved in enabling ERP, CRM etc. Lately, both the sectors realized the strength in convergence. As a result a number of products have come alive. One of the widely noticeable applications is the Vehicle position tracking device that combines the power of GIS applications with the GPS systems giving precise driving directions to the drivers on the move.
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In simple terms, Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of consolidating and synthesizing data from multiple sources to help predict future business trends and in making informed business decisions be it to improve sales, customer satisfaction or staff morale.
For most organizations, the key objective of implementing a BI solution is to curtail cost. However, in addition to improving operational efficiencies, BI is also used to improve revenue streams. The consolidated enterprise data can be used to gauge how well the business is doing by setting certain performance benchmarks. Whilst Senior Management may use this information to identify under-performing areas of the business and focus on the more profitable ones, Suppliers may us this information to ensure shelves remain stocked with the right quantity of goods.
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Automating field forces through use of wireless technology, RFID adoption, GPS integration, and biometrics are the technologies poised to make impact on the logistics management companies. Xpert IT products are the solutions that seamlessly integrate the above mentioned technologies with their transactional, accounting, HR and MIS systems.
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