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Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications - Flex, AJAX based Applications

Xpert IT team promises to deliver high definition user experience by building their products as RIAs (Rich Internet Applications). The users of html based web applications will experience a pleasant way of interacting with the enterprise data.

Several technology vendors are competing in the area of providing rich content over web and desktop. Adobe’s Flex/AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime, previously code-named Apollo), Microsoft’s Silverlight and Sun’s Java FX are in the race. There is also multitude of Ajax frameworks promising rich user experience on the web. On the other hand, there are existing server based solutions that are matured over the years to develop the back-end services. A judicious selection of front-end and back-end technologies would result in a perfect marriage. A high performing and good looking products would evolve as a result.

Xpert IT team evaluated several of these technologies and chose Flex as front-end technology and java to provide its backend services. As an early adopter, Xpert IT team faced several challenges but in the end is successful in producing rich looking application powered by robust back-end services in java.

A sneak preview of product showcases that we offer here will give you the first hand experience of RIAs. Using Flex and Java technology, Xpert IT developed a suite of products XTrail, XSite and XCeed that caters to Fleet management, Real Estate Property Management and HR Information Management Solutions respectively. Thanks to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the flex and java applications seamlessly integrated with less of a hassle. Try experiencing any of applications below by following the links.

xtrail - Fleet Management

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