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RFID Solutions

RFID technology adoption is increasing in supply chain and logistics management solutions. As logistic solution provider, Xpert implemented RFID based pallet tracking in its warehouse management solution, XStack. The handheld devices, used in put-away and pick-operations are connected with RFID scanners. XStack components embedded with RFID scanners, captures the movement of the material from the storage locations (racks/bins) and updates the XStack database in real time.

The XStack WMS mobile computing module is compatible with barcode / RFID data collection and scanning devices that enable warehouse employees to automate data capture and transactions to improve warehouse productivity without disruption.

Transitioning from a paper-based system to a wireless warehouse can greatly increase operational accuracy and uncover bottom-line savings.

The XStack WMS mobile RFID solution also:

  • Requires no modifications or additional software
  • Enables accurate real-time inventory by scanning and capturing data on-the-spot
  • Enables tracking and placing of goods within the warehouse


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