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Xtrail is the flagship product from Xpert IT Group, for optimization of the mobile assets of fleet management companies. It is an integrated solution of robust, flexible and extensible software components, allowing cost effective pricing, project management, scheduling, and fuel station and garage maintenance by providing online interaction with a centralized application and data server.
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Succeeding in the current competitive environment, warehouses must guarantee clients as well as suppliers satisfaction through cost effective, reliable and efficient warehouse management processes. Outdated software applications, poorly integrated systems and inaccurate inventory management can result in lack of stock visibility and control. This in turn prevents warehouse operators from improving warehouse profitability within and beyond the perimeters of a location or multiple locations.
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The Globalization phenomenon is playing significant role in growth of real-estate market across the globe. Property Management business is pacing towards the volatile Equities and FX markets. Xpert IT solutions real-estate product, XSite evolved over a period of 14 years. Xpert IT, being the IT partner for number of real estate companies in the middle-east, has strengthened its domain expertise in this area. The new version of this product, XSITE is built with state-of-art Rich Internet Technology (RIA) promise to deliver the solution that is much closer to the market need.
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As an employer, employee document management, expense tracking, leave tracking are very important for you. You want to use the highest standard of solution available. With the technological advances, using service oriented architecture and rich internet technology, have brought the employers an option that is easy to integrate to your HR practices from a company you can trust.
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XTertain is our flagship ticketing solution for cinema box offices and event management organizations. The solution caters to events which require managing fixed or allocated seating with multi site, multi activity, multi price seating such as stage shows or sports arena.
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Xceed -  HRMS Software Solution

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