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27 February 2008
Time and attendance goes biometric with XCEED
One of the most challenging tasks for any business is managing its employees. Time and attendance solutions exist to help business streamline their payroll process. Keeping employee time and attendance manually can be considered as the most expensive system available. Consider the various costs involved with card based systems or manual systems,
  • Printing of cards
  • Collection of cards
  • Distribution of card
  • Maintenance of the card swipe system
  • Additional cost associated with re printing of lost cards
Key Benefits :
Since card based systems make sure that only card is swiped and they don’t ensure physical presence of the correct employee. Fingerprint system eliminates these security issues and ensures the physical presence of the employee. Thus providing the following two key benefits :
  • Enhanced security to the organisation, which is very much required considering the present global scenario.
  • Elimination of proxy punching.
  • Can be installed on LAN server so that it is accessible any where within organisation
Other key benefits associated with system are :
  • Reducing the cost associated with Time and attendance systems. There are various costs such as administrative associated with issuing and managing the cards, maintenance cost associated with card based system, inventory cost associated with maintaining time sheets or attendance registers, cost associated with hiring and maintaining resources to take care of such system. All these costs can be eliminated with the usage of fingerprint based system. Thus saving a lot of mullah to the organisation.
  • Helps streamline your record keeping process and also if required can be integrated with our HRMS system XCEED thus providing an end to end solution from Time and attendance to Employee payroll management to employee management.
  • Requires windows operating system
  • Fingerprint scanner (These are much cheaper than card systems based on swiping)
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