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25 February 2008
XTrail: Freight Management solution now goes Mobile
Wireless connectivity is essential in today’s global business environment where data must be transferred immediately and accurately. Inefficiency in freight management operations will have negative impact on any companies reputation and also on their bottom line. The wireless solution offered by XTrail streamlines freight management processes by enabling managers, operators, and booking clerks to communicate in real time so that operations can be completed on time without any issues.
Reason for going wireless
Transport operators rely on shipment arrivals and customs clearance. Often the schedules are not predictable. Therefore the operators need to confirm the bookings and generate delivery orders based on various considerations. To do this they need the flexibility to create the jobs on the fly, provide on spot invoicing and all this using the mobile devices.
What we offer
  • XTRAIL offers a mobile/Hand-held device based solution, using which; the operators make bookings, organize the transport and generate documentation. (Delivery orders/Way-bills etc).
  • Benifits of the solution
    • Single point data entry
    • Real-time status updates to the head-office.
    • Accurate inventory control – operations manager will be aware of the movement of vehicles, on need basis he can supply more vehicles to the site.
    • Makes the job of the operator easier – he will know the availability of the resources in real time.
    • On the spot invoicing via Bluetooth enabled portable printers through mobile/handheld device
How it works :
  • The application is hosted on hand-held devices/smart phones that support windows mobile 5 and above with .NET 2.0 compact framework.
  • Data is synchronized from the server to the device when it is connected to a centralized server. (Either through GPRS or Active Sync).
  • The critical data required for bookings is stored on the device. Therefore the application continues to run even when the GPRS services are out of range.
  • The data entered on the device in disconnected mode, can be later synchronized when the GPRS connection is available.
Specification :
  • Hardware - Any handheld device / pocket pc / smart phone with windows 5.0 or above operating system and with .NET 2.0 framework. Bluetooth enabled portable printer (optional: required if on spot invoice printing is needed)
  • Software - XTRAIL (No other additional commercial software is needed)
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