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B2B Integration

B2B integration is about coordinating information among business and their information systems, In today's world with companies operating in a global business environment, B2B integration is a pre-requisite for them to remain competitive.
They need to come out of their shell and interact with their suppliers, partners, and customers distributed throughout the world.
B2B integration enables a company to focus on its core competencies and offload other services to partners to gain efficiency and reduce cost.

We offer B2B solutions, by providing custom adapters to the industry standard protocols / API so that the users can seamlessly integrate with their business partners. We provide adapters for various protocols UNECE, ebXML, Rosettanet, EDI and Biztalk. We also provide technology infrastructure to facilitate the communication using popular middleware technologies – IBM MQ, Tibco RV and JMS complaint messaging software.

Business to Business Integration

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