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Logistics Management Prodcuts

Logistics Management Solutions

Industries such as Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Clearing and Housing agencies need to meet customer demands and a number of statutory requirements from the Govt agencies. Given the nature of the business, a number of participants are involved in transportation of goods from one location to another. Therefore there is a need to generate scores of documents that should satisfy the legal and statutory requirements laid down by the govt agencies, legal bodies, insurance agencies and IMO. Traditionally, the logistic software providers focused on the documentation requirements and hence built systems to meet these needs. As the documentation needs varies from country to county there will be no surprise to see that the software providers are localized.

Xpert suite of products that support logistics business promises to give users the value added features beyond their documentation needs. The users can customize their operational process and work flow using these products and derive maximum benefit. The support for the industry recognized standards UNECE, ebXML, Rosettanet, EDI helps the products adopters to reach wider customer base. It also helps them to establish links with trading partners seamlessly who have invested in similar technology products. The data transformation features of these products allow the business houses to exchange information irrespective of the protocol and standards.

Built on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Xpert products - XStack and XTrail cater to warehousing and fleet management industries

XCEED - HRMS Product from Xpert IT Solutions

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