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IT-Telecom Covergence

IT-Telecom Convergence

Telecom industry is undoubtedly ahead of IT sector in terms of technology, performance, reliability and innovation. Telecom is providing communication and mobility to the business houses whereas IT sector is involved in enabling ERP, CRM etc. Lately, both the sectors realized the strength in convergence. As a result a number of products have come alive. One of the widely noticeable applications is the Vehicle position tracking device that combines the power of GIS applications with the GPS systems giving precise driving directions to the drivers on the move.

XTrail, a fleet management solution from Xpert IT, integrates with the GPS information providers enabling the fleet operators to better utilize their resources. The operators will be able to plan, schedule and operate more effectively and the ROI on this product can be smelled with-in weeks of implementing this product.

XStack, a warehousing solution from Xpert IT, leverages on the wireless technologies RFID , wireless barcode scanning to efficiently manage the put-away and pick-up operations of large warehouses. XStack, also provides certain CAD (Compter Aided Design) features to efficiently manage their warehouse layouts. The space utilization can be optimal. The lead time in confirming the orders can be reduced by quick access to the resources and inventory. Sure, the WMS product is the best in its breed with a number of innovative features, focusing on usability and performance.

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