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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

In simple terms, Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of consolidating and synthesizing data from multiple sources to help predict future business trends and in making informed business decisions be it to improve sales, customer satisfaction or staff morale.

For most organizations, the key objective of implementing a BI solution is to curtail cost. However, in addition to improving operational efficiencies, BI is also used to improve revenue streams. The consolidated enterprise data can be used to gauge how well the business is doing by setting certain performance benchmarks. Whilst Senior Management may use this information to identify under-performing areas of the business and focus on the more profitable ones, Suppliers may us this information to ensure shelves remain stocked with the right quantity of goods.

It is a fact of life that organizations today use a plethora of applications to support their business processes and data flows. Extracting data from these systems and presenting it in a meaningful way can be challenging and very time consuming.

One of the most crucial aspects of BI is capturing the Business Model and Process for storing the enterprise data.

The ETL process helps cleanse and transform data stored in different formats and platforms into consistent one.

Business data can be further summarized into multi-dimensional cubes which would be extremely useful in establishing trends and analyzing performance.

Xpert IT Solutions offers comprehensive BI services to help your organization discover the gems of hidden information in the vast quantity of data captured in various operational systems during the normal course of running your business.

Managing volumes of data can be overwhelming and identifying business trends and accurate performance scorecards can be even more challenging. Xpert IT Solutions can help you build your enterprise data warehouse and a BI platform to enhance your business potential.

To show our commitment to BI, we have packaged all Xpert suite of products with some form of Business Intelligence, be it via Dashboards, BI Tools or Web-based Portals.


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